Yamaha YBR 125 11 Аккумулятор Nitro [AC8297]

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Yamaha YBR 125 11 Аккумулятор Nitro

Nitro YTX Batteries

These great quality, great value batteries made to JIS standard are maintenance free; they don't require topping up. Once the electrolyte is installed, the only maintenance you need do is to keep it charged if the bike isn't in use, and the occasional clean.

Superior build quality

  • Container in ABS instead of PP (for higher mechanical resistance)
  • Rubber Seal instead of plastic seal cover (for better sealing)
  • Copper Terminal instead of Lead (for less resistance / higher starting capacity)

High Rate Performance

The electrically low resistant separator and heavy duty plates allow these Super Maintenance Free batteries to yield 30% more and faster starting power over conventional flooded batteries.

Lowest Self Discharge

The calcium grid reduces the self-discharge rate to only 0.2% a day against 0.5-1.0% for conventional batteries.


Even if the batteries are left discharged for considerably long periods, a simple recharge will help restore full charge.


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Наименование Цена К-во  
Аккумулятор Nitro [AC8297]
£ 31.55 Information Дополнительная информация
6 А·ч Д:110 мм × В:130 мм × Ш:70 мм