Подкаты под мотоцикл

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Подкат задний (под маятник) — красный
£ 32.38 Information Дополнительная информация
Can Be Dismantled To Be Packed Fairly Flat
Подкат передний (под вилку) — красный
£ 34.99 Information Дополнительная информация
Heavy Duty Front Paddock Stand with under-Fork Adaptors
Can Be Dismantled To Be Packed Fairly Flat
Подкат под левосторонний консольный маятник
£ 59.96 Information Дополнительная информация
Single Sided Rear Support Stand - Without Pin
• Suitable for motorcycles with single rear swing arm which cannot be supported both sides.
• Heavy-duty construction.
• Supplied without locating pins, these need to be purchased separately for the rear spindle diameter of bike to be supported.

Height: 430mm

Available separately:

Locating Pin Ø25.5mm - RPS3S1
Locating Pin Ø27.5mm - RPS3S2
Locating Pin Ø28.5mm - RPS3S3
Locating Pin Ø40.5mm - RPS3S4

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Подставка для кроссового мотоцикла
£ 27.43 Information Дополнительная информация
Поставляется только под заказ
Front Headstock Motorcycle Paddock Stands With Pins 13mm 15mm 16.5mm 17mm 18mm
£ 80.98 Information Дополнительная информация
Поставляется только под заказ
Front Headstock Motorcycle Paddock Stand With Pins 12mm 15mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 24mm
£ 92.53 Information Дополнительная информация
Front Headstock Stand
• Strong tubular frame supplied with a range of pins to fit the most common headstock sizes.
• Once in place, access to all mechanical components at the front of the bike is made easy.
• Stand folds down for compact storage when not in use.
• Supplied with width and angle adjustable rubber support pads to quickly and easily use as rear support stand.

Detailed Information

Headstock Height: 730mm
Minimum Rear Stand Width: 160mm
Maximum Rear Stand Width: 270mm
Headstock Pin Sizes: 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24mm

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Paddock Stand For Double Sided Swing Arm - Rear
£ 27.40 Information Дополнительная информация
Description Universal Rear Wheel Stand with Rubber Supports • Lifts and stabilises any dual swing arm motorbike quickly and easily. • Fitted with width and angle adjustable rubber support pads. • Rubber supports mounted on heavy-duty box section for continuous professional use. Minimum/Maximum Width: 245/320mm
Поставляется только под заказ
Sealey Two Arm Centre Stand
£ 41.96 Information Дополнительная информация
Minimum/Maximum Height:200/275mm Lifts and stabilises front or back end of hard and soft tail cruiser style bikes quickly and safely. Features adjustable arm height and soft PVC sheath for protection to underside of bike. Design of stand ensures rim and tyre protection and once bike is supported, allows easy removal of front or rear wheel.
Universal Triangle Motorcycle Stand
£ 11.45 Information Дополнительная информация
Locating Pin Height:380mm Axle Ø:11.5, 14.5, 18mm Quick and easy to use. Simply hook into the rear axle. Available to use for bikes with rear axle inner diameters of 11mm, 14.5mm and 18mm. When needing to move the bike, un-hook the stand off the axle and place onto the footpeg for future use.
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