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Ball Joint Splitter (Separator)
£ 4.75 Information Дополнительная информация
Separates ball joint from steering knuckles. Corrosion-resistant plated finish. 70mm deep capacity. Forged Unit with Knurled shaft to ensure firm grip.
Поставляется только под заказ
Glass Cutter and TCT Scriber - Tungsten carbide tip with tip guard and pocket clip. Overall length 150mm.
£ 2.16  
Glass Cutter - Lubricated Tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
£ 3.60 Information Дополнительная информация
Sturdy metal handle with internal oil reservoir. Filling pipette included.
Hobby Tool Accessory Kit 105pce
£ 8.82 Information Дополнительная информация
All mandrels are 3.1mm dia. Contains cutting wheels, grinding wheels, stones, sanding drums, polishers, buffing wheels and polishing compound. For precise craft work
Motorcycle Econokit Tool Kit
£ 52.88 Information Дополнительная информация
A major upgrade from your original OEM tool kit. Lots of capability and lifetime guaranteed tools. Absolutely dependable. Contains exclusive PowerDrive wrenches and loads of other high-quality tools and roadside items, packed in a durable double-panel polyester pouch.
Motorcycle Tool Kit
£ 18.11 Information Дополнительная информация
Kit contains Pliers 12mm and 14mm spanner 10mm and 12mm spanner 16mm spark plug spanner 19mm spark plug spanner 21mm spark plug spanner Flat and Philips screwdriver
Telescopic Inspection Mirror
£ 1.81  
Tool 4 Pick Set
£ 6.86 Information Дополнительная информация
Set of 4 Hooks and pick tools for variety of applicatons. Removal of oil seals, Oring, pull springs and cotter pins.
Wrecking Bar 300mm
£ 2.72