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Aluminium Folding Loading Ramp 2170mm x 230mm (Extended) 340Kg Load
£ 88.19 Information Дополнительная информация
Special order only. Please allow 5 working days.
Поставляется только под заказ
Sealey Tie Down Securing Loop - Pair
£ 3.40 Information Дополнительная информация
Tie Down Securing Loop - Pair • Manufactured from polyester webbing. • Use to either loop or create a slip knot at any appropriate point of the load and then attach to the hook of the strap. • Suitable for use on motorcycles or offset loads to help prevent scratches to paint finishes and chrome. Quantity: 2 Maximum Tension: 1000kg Load Test: 2000kg Webbing Width: 35mm Webbing Length: 450mm
Поставляется только под заказ
Tie Down Strap - Handlebar
£ 12.59  
Tie Down Straps Autolock 1.8m x 25mm - Pack of 2
£ 15.11 Information Дополнительная информация
Fully TUV GS Approved. PE manufactured webbing strap. Cambuckle tensile strength 600kgs. Webbing tensile strength 1100kgs. Hook tensile strength 700kgs. Length 1.8 metres x width 25mm. Robust auto-lock securing mechanism. Ideal for strapping and securing motorcycles, ATVs and Jetskis.
Tie Down Straps Ratchet Jumbo 3m x 30mm - Pack of 2
£ 30.23 Information Дополнительная информация
Length 3m x Width 30mm. Break Strength 1134kgs. TUV GS Approved.